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The Instinct Difference

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Traditional pest management tends to rely on a mix of harsh, dangerous chemicals, and locking customers into cookie-cutter contracts. While this scorched-earth approach may seem effective at first, if they only come by ever three months and just spray your place on auto-pilot, then you'll never get to the root of your pest problem. If you've been in one of these contracts, you've probably noticed that - like clockwork - you start seeing a lot of whatever pests you're paying them to keep out of your home before each quarter is up.

Our model is different. From the beginning we work with you to discover the sources and causes of your pest problems, and we conscientiously follow up with you to reassess the situation as it evolves. We check our traps and bait stations more frequently, taking note of when they run out to determine how severe the problem is, and we adjust accordingly. 

Further, while our products are just as (and sometimes more) effective than industry standards, they are far more environmentally friendly, and the majority of our products are naturally derived.

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Who We Are

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Instinct Pest Management began as a dream several years ago while the owner, Anthony, was working for someone else in a different pest control company. When the opportunity presented itself to step out on his own and create a business model that would be free of the sometimes questionable practices he had seen in others, he leapt on it like a fox on a vole. 

       Anthony is the owner and primary service technician for Instinct Pest Management, and likely who you’ll be greeted by when we come out to help you with your ant infestation or unwanted rodent guests. His years of experience combined with an insatiable desire to learn means he’s always researching ways to improve his services.

       He has lived in the Portland, Oregon area for nearly twenty years, and is finally comfortable calling himself a resident. While he will always have a special place in his heart for palm trees and the smell of sagebrush, the lush green beauty of the Pacific Northwest now feels like home. Plus, there aren’t any rattlesnakes in Portland!

       The Instinct Team also includes Anthony’s spouse, Morgan, who serves primarily as a content creator, brainstorming buddy, and customer care liaison. If you call us up and don’t get Anthony, you’ll be speaking with their spouse and business partner, Morgan.

       Morgan enjoys writing and a variety of artistic pursuits, and is working on building their own business as a potter and ceramics artist. They’ve lived in the PNW most of their life, settling here after moving around a lot as a kid. While they aren’t a pest technician themself, they do have a degree in public health and sustainable food systems, which includes many courses in environmental health, permaculture and IPM techniques, and biochemistry.

       Both Anthony and Morgan enjoy hiking, camping, playing D&D and eating Pho while watching Forged in Fire. They are well cared for by their terrier mix and their cat overlord.

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